Monday, 23 April 2018

Great Expectations, Harsh Reality

Last week Kanye wanted to be water and this week, he's supporting Republicans. This is not a new thing. Probably Kanye has supported Republicans ever since Obama called him an asshole and didn't invite him to his super-duper White House black people gatherings that he invited Jay and Bey to and everyone else...
Except for Kanye.
And then he has this beef with Jay...I don't know where it came from. Is he that mad that Blue doesn't have play dates with North? He wanted Jay to come over when Kim got robbed? That would have been awkward man. First of all, it's not like the Carters and Kim really get along so why would they be invading her space when she's already traumatized? Jay called because he wanted to know what he could do without making Kanye's wife uncomfortable. I know it's nice when people actually show up for us like physically.
But are they really friends like that?
As far as I can see, Jay never had any friends. Everyone except Swizz Beatz who's ever worked with him seems to have a problem with him. He's not seen hanging out with anyone except Beyonce's family. It's only after therapy that you see him in social settings with the likes of Diddy. And that's probably more business than pleasure. He's at the street corner where the hustlers be; it's not a safe place to have friends.
My point is Kanye expecting more than Jay can probably give.
And we, the public, are expecting more from Kanye than he can give. His recent tweets have Twitter in a tizzy of upset and confusion. But if you step back and look at what this Candace person says, Kanye has pretty much said a lot of those things already. Of course, he likes how she thinks. She takes pot shots at Obama, at Jay Z, at all those people who are not giving Kanye the 'respect he deserves'. Of course, he likes how she thinks.
It's just not that deep.
Are you looking for Kanye to save you?
Are you looking for anybody to save you?
Stop looking.
Nobody's coming.
We have to save ourselves. We have to be our own Kanyes. Shout out our own work and blow our own trumpets.
It's just not that deep.
It's been a bit of a depressing week. I hate when I have an assignment to do and I don't finish it on time. Especially when I really need the money. So I was super stressed and broke and my arm starts really hurting so I can't type. The topic of my assignment was Female Domination. Now if you want to know what a patriarchal world we live in, try and google that term and see what the search results are. In spite of how widespread male submission apparently is, not much data is available about it out there. And the few semi-academic articles I could find on the subject tended to treat male submission as some sort of mental illness or failing as far as the man involved is concerned. The ebook I was writing was meant to be a sort of guide for men looking into that aspect of BDSM so I didn't think writing about how it's a mental illness would be helpful. Lack of data is also very frustrating.
Anyway, there I was; stressed, depressed, broke and behind deadline and my arm was hurting from all the typing. So what did I do?
I asked my eighteen-year-old son to write me a page so I could rest. Also, he's very narrow-minded as far as the whole man-woman dynamic is concerned and I thought I'd expand his horizons.
He was writing while exclaiming the whole time. But he actually did give me a page I could use so win-win. Plus he learned some new stuff about men and hopefully it will lead to a greater understanding of himself.
See you don't need Kanye or any celebrity to save you. The tools to save yourself are all in your mind, you just have to broaden it.
 How do you do that?
Reading is always a great place to start.
Visit my author page and get started.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Artistes As Inspiration

Kanye West wants to be water.
I went to bed just ruminating on that. Does that mean he wants to be adaptable according to his surroundings? Solid, liquid or gas? Or maybe he wants to be fluid and fit in any space. Is that the same thing? Anyway, I haven't figured it out.
Also, he said his wife is the Marie Antoinette of our time.
Does anyone know anything flattering about Marie Antoinette?
Because I've been trying to reconcile Kanye's dedication to his wife with him comparing her to a woman who could not relate to her subjects and was ultimately beheaded by them. But then it's Kanye. Maybe he means to say Kim can't relate to her subjects.
That's not really accurate, is it?
So I'm stumped.
But in a good way. I love figuring things out and this is a puzzle.
Hey guys.
How are you doing?
I know my posts have slowed down a lot. Life comes at you fast sometimes so I've kind of been paddling frantically trying to keep my head above water. It drains your energy; leaves nothing for the writing. I'm eaten up with guilt at how much I'm neglecting my WIPs. Especially the fanfics because I have people actively waiting for updates.
I'm so sorry guys. But I gotta take care of me first.
If you have some patience though, I will get to them.
Did you see Beychella? I just watched it and that's why I got up off my ass to write this. If that almost forty-year-old woman can dance and sing for one hour without being this guy...
Well, I have no excuse for not writing a damn blog post now do I?
Oh, a fun thing happened to me, twice in the last week. I fell off a boda-boda. That's a motorbike used as a transport from place to place for those who don't speak the language. I think it was even the same guy who caused both spills. It's been rainy and wet and I think this guy wasn't that experienced at balancing. So twice this week, I been found myself on the ground.
Covered in mud.
Joints stinging from when I reached out to break my fall with my hands.
Muscle injury, leg swelled.
Not very, just slightly but my body feels so battered.
Normally I'd have tried to play through the pain, get some work done, ignore it. But the new and improved me had a hot bath, took painkillers and aspirin, put my foot up on a pillow and went to bed.
Why did I put take an aspirin and my foot up on a pillow you ask?
Blood clots.
I heard that injuries such as the one I got can cause a blood clot to form and ultimately lead to DVT. Not on my watch though. I ain't dying till I've seen at least one grandchild born and raised. *knocks on wood*
Speaking of triumph over adversity, a story just came out about my number one fave. It details the fact that the record label she was on, Def Jam, considered dropping her together with Taira Marie (sp?) because their numbers weren't doing as well as the studio would have liked. So what Rihanna's manager, named Jordan did was use her money to finance music videos. For three albums basically, Rihanna was financing her own music while her finance managers mismanaged her. She almost went broke. Received minimal support from her label and here she is, the biggest superstar on earth.
People love to say that Rihanna is a record-label-produced star. That she's a puppet whose strings are pulled by others. I'm glad this story has come out to show that that clearly isn't the case. She worked hard, used her own resources, went on tour continuously for practically two years, sued her finance managers and got her money back, did seven albums in seven years while working NON STOP and doing Mac collaborations and River Island Collaborations and Puma and Moschino and finally Fenty Beauty...she did it all.
Through controversy and hateration in the dancerie and plowing every last cent into she is. Self-belief man.
You can't succeed without it.
I need to go finish at least one of my WIPs. I am not living my full potential y'all.
Are you?
Speaking of full potential, has anyone seen the Janelle Monae video for Pynk? That video made me feel things. Like what have I been doing with my life all this time that I haven't thought to celebrate my vagina in such a way? Clearly, I'm not living my best life. Something has to change.
I'm serious. I can't die before this happens. There has to be a way. Of course it does not escape my notice that Janelle is bi. Us straight girls be singing about 'Boy Bye' and 'You Needed Me' while the queers have Pynk. Something ain't right people. We need to reevaluate. @ me.
Okay so before I go into NSFW zone, I'm gonna stop. Have you visited my author page yet? It's author page April, so do so. You get a lot more choices there than if you just click on Amazon

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

May I Read Your Palm?

Yes yes, where have I been, blah blah? I get it. I have been AWOL. Life is sometimes a bitch.
And then you die.
However, I didn't die so here I am, bringing you some new, exciting, scintillating, amusing, educational, inspirational content.
Or am I?
We'll see. How about we get started?
So, yesterday on Twitter, there was this post doing the rounds about how men describe women in literature. That led to another writer asking people to describe themselves as a character in their stories. The answers to that post made me write a mini post about it on Tumblr because wow.
I don't know if you guys know that the narratives that you tell yourselves about yourselves are projected outward for the world to see.
So if you tell me that for example: "She's thirty-five years old, is quite pretty with makeup and doesn't give a fuck' what I hear is, she's self-conscious about getting older and insecure about her looks. She also tries to protect herself from criticism by pretending she doesn't care.
You give a fuck honey.
People who have no fucks to give also have no time to tell you about the fucks they don't have to give. It's simply apparent by how unmoved they are by your attacks/trolling/opinions. See: Chrissy Teigen.
Besides the whole "IDGAF" thing is very 2012. Rihanna moved on and so should you.

Much worse than that, there were some women who COULD NOT describe themselves because of "societal mores". I don't know what that means. What I do know is that how you view YOURSELF should be a very personal thing coming from your own inner sense of self. Let other people think that you're TOO fat, or TOO dark or TOO skinny or TOO ugly. That's their business and their perspective. You should have yours. You should know who you are and what you like about yourself. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, drop everything you're doing and find out because this is the single most important thing you will ever do. If you don't know who you are, you basically don't know anything. You can't have an opinion if you don't know who you are, you can't get to know somebody because you rely on other people's perceptions to tell you what you should think. You've basically erased yourself.                                                                                                                                            I don't know how one grows up without any knowledge of who they are, so I don't know how you fix it. I suspect it comes down to paying attention to yourself, finding out what you like, and what you don't. Trusting your gut. And loving yourself. I think. I'm no expert on emotional intelligence. 
It saddens me that so many people don't know how to love themselves. Like if I had time I would probably sit here angsting about it for a bit. But I can't because I have a test page to write for a new client and a fanfic to begin for a Big Bang.                                                                                                        
   On the book front, it's been a pretty demoralizing March. Amazon continues to be the douche bag we all know and love, making it difficult for authors to price books, making it difficult for those books to be found, making it difficult to know if they even tell you about every sale. So my new thing is promoting my author page where there are other vendors that books can be bought from. It's also a place where you can compare prices and get my free books for free. You might have noticed, or maybe not, that my free books are not free on Amazon. That's their shit, not mine. Every other vendor has them priced for free. So that's one advantage. Another is that I'm gonna host a giveaway for my mailing list. Whoever buys a book from a vendor OTHER THAN Amazon can post me the link to their email and I will reward them with another book of their choosing. Isn't that A-MAZ-ING? Of course, it is and you're excited. I can tell.
  Other than that, I'd like to give you a bit of homework in the comments. Please describe yourself as you would your heroine in a novel. Give me 100 words. Nothing negative.
We're gonna have a good April. I can feel it.                                                                                            

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

On Research and Writing

You remember the post I did on BDSM? The client came back for a third time asking for more articles. Now the amount of stuff I know about BDSM not gleaned from fanfiction can be written on the back of a postage stamp. Like, I know not a single soul who is in the lifestyle; at least not that they've informed me. In fact, apart from seeing dominatrix(es?) portrayed in movies, I had no concept of what that kink entails.
Now here I am writing how-to manuals for people interested in getting into the lifestyle. And doing such a good job of it, they keep coming back for more articles. It's like, the very definition of irony innit?
So how am I doing so well you might ask? How am I so convincing? It's easy really; research. Lots of it. The FBI agent who monitors my computer must be very confused about my browsing history. Where I started was personal blogs. The focus of the book and articles I wrote was submissives. So I found some blogs on submissives and read their 'dear diary' posts. What they did, what they liked, how they liked it...
Lucky for me, I have a hard-on for knowledge; I love learning new stuff so that process is very enjoyable for me. If you're an aspiring writer and you don't enjoy research you're in for some very bad times my fren. Very very bad. Don't do it unless you're ready to spend hours READING.
After reading the innermost thoughts of submissives, I went to the guru articles. The ones that start with phrases like 'What You Need to Know About...' which give me a lot of background for the how this all comes about.
Other interesting places to look are shopping sites. Yeah, I know. What?
But BDSM wear is very distinctive and sometimes the shoppers give a very comprehensive description of how certain things can be used. Not just whips and chains but also crotchless leather shorts and such. It's very eye-opening.
I belong to this facebook group called Writers Assembled and some writes post things like, 'What's a good disease to give a character so they die slowly?'
Now I love being asked stuff that people don't know but questions like the one above are just lazy. Especially since Google exists. And WebMd. and Mayo Clinic website. If you want to get more technical there's the NHS site. I mean...seriously if you want to give a character a disease, you're gonna need to know more than just the name of the disease.
So on one such post, being totally and completely fed up I wrote, GIYF.
(If you don't know what that means, Google it.)
Of course, Classic White Woman© enters my comments to tell me how she's sure that the poster must have searched google already and not found what she wanted blah blah blah. Well, six days later when I had time I gave her a short tutorial about how anyone who wants to bear the label 'writer' needs to be able to do research. Of course, I got some White Woman Victimhood© in response, about my attitude being bad and we agree on things and she doesn't know why she's being attacked blah blah blah. I could write the post for them at this point, it's pretty standard, script does not vary. White woman tears not included.
I'm not trying to hate on white women by the way. I have good friends who are white women. But there is a cohort that is Super Tiresome and I'm tired.
Speaking of feelings and emotions, I've decided to use my Tumblr for the more personal not really bloggy thoughts that I have. When I started it, I was writing Chrianna fanfic and then Aubrih fanfic. That was before the discovery of AO3. I still cross-post fics on Tumblr but it can get confusing since updates of different fics don't follow each other. I wrote my first piece last week. It got real personal but I am consoled by the fact that nobody reads my Tumblr anyway.
So why write you ask?
Two reasons.
It's how I do self-care. I take thoughts from my head and throw them on paper (paper is a metaphor here for any writing material) and then they're not in my head anymore. I've seen a lot of post on all forms of media of people talking to strangers about their inability to stand their lives because of one thing or another - anxiety, depression, lack of being seen, self-hatred. And my foremost thought right now is that I'm glad I can't relate.
The reasons I can't relate is the second reason I write. If knowing that You Are Not Alone is something that helps someone else,  without them having to go through the process of getting out, because I already did, and they can learn from me...well. Why not?
So I leave it to Fate, God or the Universe. If you need to find it, you will.
Also, I just want to say that it bothers me that Janet Jackson isn't mentioned when people are talking about All Round Entertainers of All Time. Have you seen her Pleasure Principle video where she keeps us watching with no one on the screen but her and a dance studio?
Meanwhile, I want you to know that my books are available in more places than just Amazon in case you're boycotting them over the NRA or the fact that they are dodgy as fuck. Click on any of the links at the top of the page to take you to each book's landing page. Remember that before you buy, you can always download a sample. So download them ALL.
And leave reviews people. Reviews are the lifeblood by which we live.

Monday, 12 March 2018

God is A Guy

I just read a post on facebook which stated that a woman who sleeps with ten men is a whore while a man who sleeps with ten women is umm...was it a ninja? Or a hero? Something implying the man is super awesome anyway. The reason being that it takes more effort to have sex with ten women than it does to have sex with ten men.
Then I skimmed through the comments and there was a general celebration from the men, stating that this person had grasped the brass ring when it came to logic and correlation.
And that is when I knew that God is indeed a guy. There is no other reason why he would create such creatures unless he was one of them. This failure in the use of logic is the final proof, the nail in the coffin, the pineapple on the pizza.
God is a man guys.
Just to break down this idiocy for the men reading this and wondering what the problem is...
The definition of a whore is a prostitute that is one who solicits sex for money. She's a streetwalker who sells her body. That's what the dictionary says with emphasis on the pronoun, she. Implying that men cannot be prostitutes although life and fanfic very much demonstrates that they can. Now according to Einstein up there, he's come up with this new equation where a whore = skills in attracting a mate. So if you as a guy attracts ten females to yourself, you are highly skilled and therefore NOT a whore, but if a girl attracts ten males to her, this is so much easier than the inverse, that it makes her a whore.
So if it's easy for you to attract a multitude of men, you're a whore. But if you attract a multitude of women well...high five?
I mean...
It's 2018 people.
If male minds are this incapable of evolution, I have to conclude that the flaw in the design was the creator's fault. He made men in his image right? Women were the afterthought, produced from a rib? They probably developed logic because as the afterthought, they weren't embedded with all original features.
It would explain a lot.
Speaking of things not making sense,  the ebook industry is suffering under the monopoly of Amazon while all other ebook sites screw the pooch. I feel like someone should call a summit. Has anyone else noticed this?

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Poison of Fear

Hi. How are you today? I hope you are well. I am too; it's hot and bright as fuck and my eyes have had it. They demand less sunlight and laptop time or they're giving me a headache. Well, I ain't trying to leave the house but there's only so much I can do about the laptop time. So I'm resigned to a constant ache in my temples.
Life is great.
No, really it is. Cadbury's has a chocolate that contains rum and raisin. Proteins, vitamins and minerals y'all. Also, I'm working on my porch because it's the coolest room in or adjacent to the house AND it has the best view. I wish you could see it; it's quiet and breezy, the sky is blue, the hot sun is out there, the grass is not so green. It could use some water but the view is still great. I live on a hill so I can see real far.
You don't care.
Okay, let's get to it. I've just seen the CNN townhall with the students from the latest school shooting in the USA. Even as tears were running down my eyes as I watched these children the same age as my son talking about their dead friends, I was also, in the back of my mind wondering; where was the town hall for Black Lives Matter?
I didn't want to but I couldn't help it.

It didn't help that the audience and the participants were a sea of white, repeating many of the things same things people marching for Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and Philando Castile were saying. But while the latter were labeled as terrorists, the former were given a town hall broadcast worldwide. And I'm not even trying to hate or diminish their loss. I support their efforts 100%. CNN handled the death of Philando Castile with extensive coverage.
I'm more disillusioned at Obama. I mean even this buffoon in the White House met with the parents and the students even though or probably because of the conspiracy theories about them. Why didn't Obama meet BLM people? Because he didn't want to appear partisan? It just emphasized so much how little those lives really mattered. It didn't help that Oprah showed open support for these students after her loud silence about BLM. I felt the slap in the face and I'm not even personally involved.
You know things are really bad though because white people are on the streets. The white people are the ones shouting, "Stop Killing Our Children!"
I did tell you so.
I TOLD YOU it would come to this.

You cannot let people take lives with impunity and not expect that that impunity won't touch you one day. You cannot let hatred permeate society and not expect that hatred to turn on you and yours. And I mean that worldwide.
Chadwick Boseman said an interesting thing on the view. He said that slavery (and colonialism) does not just enslave the African. It enslaves everyone who is involved in it because you are imprisoned in a certain paradigm unable to step out of whatever role the situation has given you. The results are racism and misogyny which are just symptoms of the problem. Not of hate, but of fear. Fear of taking a step away from the paradigm and having to face who you are and what you have done and been without the protections of those paradigms.
I used to follow Mark Pellegrino on twitter before I watched Black Panther and realized such people are a waste of time. Anyway, the last "discussion" me and him and his followers got into had me thinking about what the reluctance is to ban assault weapons. It seems such a no-brainer that it's difficult to understand why anyone would oppose it. But speaking to these people trying to promote Islamophobia in the guise of intellectual discourse and then trying to support the perpetuation of assault rifles to 'defend themselves' I realized one thing.
These people are mortally afraid.
Of black people.

They're stockpiling for whatever revolution they're expecting to not be televised.
And my initial reaction was burst out laughing at how ridiculous they are. But then it just hit me about how impossible the situation is. You cannot reason with fear. You cannot discuss with fear. These people will say whatever they have to or do whatever they have to, to keep their guns.
These are the fruits of slavery. This is what happens when you try to subjugate a people. Your legacy is a constant fear of them rising up and destroying you.
The hope though is that the new generation is free of the burden of fear. And if they are, they can begin to heal the nation. That is if they don't grow up to be their parents.
Speaking of fearless, fierce forces of Queen, Rihanna had her birthday yesterday. Let us all wish her many happy returns of the day and remember;

In other worse news, two hundred people have been killed in Ghouta in Syria in just the last week. There is a twitter campaign to raise awareness today, 22/2/2018 at 7pm GMT. Tweet #saveGhouta at that time.
People are so focused on the buffoon in Washington that they ignore the real threat to peace, freedom and democracy around the world. Vladimir Putin. He's Adolf Hitler in the making. Just more stealthy about it. You heard it here first.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Black Panther - A Review or Tales from a Fangirl

I said to myself, I said, “Girl, you are not going to write a word about Wakanda until,
a.       You stop being so high on life about it.
b.      You’ve had time to reflect on the deeper themes
c.       And you’ve watched it at least twice.
I wasn’t expecting to have seen it twice by today already, but I guess that’s just how the universe works when you’re TOTALLY OBSESSED with something.
So first things first. Oscar awards. The following people should get one:
1.      The person who decided that Okoye was gonna snatch her own wig and fling it in a fight.
2.      The guy with the mouth ornament which was decorated to match his clothes.
3.      Wardrobe design guys.
4.      EVERYONE else.
I kid you not. Even the other Jabari whose job was just to bark…by the way from now on, if anyone comes for me before I send for them…I am totally barking at them. In fact I’m downloading a barking app on my phone to have on standby.
There’s so much to talk about so we’re gonna try to be systematic about it. From here on out, there be spoilers.

Meta Stuff

Okay, there were some things which were just taken straight from real life and inserted seamlessly into the script and made me wish it had really happened like that. We start with #bringbackourgirls when Nakea was off rescuing Nigerian girls and boys kidnapped by Boko Haram. Some girls did actually come back, right? As in, in real life. That was fun to watch in a poignant, wish-it-really-happened-like-that kind of way.
Then there was the reference to Kenya when they were getting into the gambling den. I tell you a huge cheer went around the theatre when Nakea said these are my friends from Kenya (according to the subtitles. But what she actually said was Nairobi). And the fact that T’Challa was mocking her about being a “Kenyan Princess” which she very kind of is, because her dad is a governor…that was very fun. And it’s not that this was the first time Kenya has been mentioned in cinema. It has in several movies from Inception to Eye in the Sky. But this was different somehow. Maybe because the person saying it actually knew where the fuck she was talking about. It wasn’t just a name on a map.
And then the trouble that she’d had with ivory poachers. It’s a real big deal in Kenya and Zimbabwe because these poachers are paying people extremely tempting amounts of money to get them the ivory from elephants and rhinos, and they’re doing so in a most inhumane way. So that’s another real problem that we’re actually dealing with and one would wish there was a Nakea to go kick their asses.

The Hero is not Infallible

When T’Challa went to the ancestors and he told his father, “I’m not ready to be without you.” He made us see him as human, weak, just one of us. In Civil War, he was so super badass, like this huge cat who lets nothing get in the way of his mission. But now, in the beginning of Black Panther he is presented to us as very human. A son missing his father. A lovesick boy still in love with a girl. A big brother with a pain in the ass lil sister. A first born son to a loving mother. He is an all round human being rather than a sort of demi god. It was very clever. It got us invested. It made us worry about him. And then just after that, he’s drained of his power. And he is truly just a man. That’s when he really shows us who he is.
A man who doesn’t give up.
A man who shows mercy.
If you weren’t already in love with him, then this is the point when you realize, you are.
And then Shuri…
Oh my God, such a little sister. Such a last born. You can’t help but recognize either yourself or your youngest sibling in her. That time she recorded T’Challa flying in the air after he kicked his suit…typical sibling gold. She’s my new fave.

Erik Killmonger

The boy who was left behind. I see on social media that this is the guy most African Americans identified with in the movie. I mean but of course. And Michael B. Jordan did an exemplary job of being an Angry Black Man while simultaneously being a vulnerable little boy who got left behind and just wants to know why. He’s the problem that needs solving. He’s the sins of the father that have been visited upon the children. He’s a metaphor.
See, long ago, our ancestors made a decision to start selling people. Slave TRADERS came and BOUGHT slaves from locals. From chiefs, from middle men. The point is, as Africans, our ancestors were also complicit in the slave trade. So T’Chaka, and Zuri together, made a decision and now the chickens have come home to roost. Just like the chickens of slavery are still coming home to roost even today. The children are still paying for the sins of the fathers. The children being white America, trying so hard to hide from its own history of slavery and oppression, brush it under the carpet. It needs a T’Challa to stand up and say “You know what YOU ARE WRONG.”
We all need to admit that we were wrong and then do as Nakea said and not let the sins of the fathers dictate the future of our children.
This message isn’t just for Americans. Look at Jomo Kenyatta so called leader of the Mau Mau. But was he, or did he denounce the mau mau and was thus handed the leadership by colonialists? What lie have we maintained there? And the legacy of that is Uhuru Kenyatta and his Kikuyu supremacists. Germany is still paying for the sins of Adolf Hitler.
The question is, when will we learn to do better?
Is there a possibility of a better, happier ending for the Erik Killmongers?

Women of Wakanda

All the women of Wakanda would have snatched my wig if I ever wore one of those. I saw a tweet about Nakea talking about how for once the love interest was a dark skinned woman. You know what, fuck that shit. For once, the love interest wasn’t just there to BE a love interest. For once, the love interest chose herself over the possibility of being with a man. For once, her career and her life purpose came first. For once, it was the man forgetting his own name when in the presence of the woman. For once…it was the man who rearranged his life to accommodate the needs of the woman. Black Panther showed that women can be loving, nurturing caring beings who nevertheless do their own thing, and slay; and that in doing so, they take away nothing from the man. In fact, they make his life better.
When Okoye told ‘her love’ to put down his weapon or she would kill him…I died of joy and exhilaration. Just because she was in love did not mean her integrity had to be compromised. Did not mean that she had to bend over backwards to accommodate the man’s point of view. I noticed that the theatre became very quiet at this point. I was clapping by myself.  I can’t wait to hear what the misogynists are going to say about Okoye in the coming days.
Did you see how she stopped that Rhino and saved M’mbaku’s life?


There were two breakout stars in Black Panther, Shuri and M’mbaku.
I just love love love everyone’s integrity in this film. Well…apart from Killmonger and them of course. M’mbaku could have killed T’Challa. Nobody would have been any the wiser. But he saved his life instead. He could have taken the purple fruit from Nakea, consumed it and become a Super. Instead, he led them to their fallen king.
He barked at Agent Cross or Ross, whatever his name was.
And he was like, “We shall not have it – oh.” Like seriously. He said it right, he said it correct, and the context was A1. I just wanted to cry tears of extreme and utter joy and happiness and I was seriously like high.
He’s my new fave.

The Concept of Redemption

When T’Challa took Erik to see the sunset did your heart squeeze into tiny pieces and disintegrate? I wished for some way, some way to undo all of it. To truly make it right. To have both of them walk off that cliff and take their rightful place as cousins. As family.
“But how?” I asked myself, “How do we get from here to there?” so much water under the bridge, so much damage had been done by generations. T’Challa offered for him to live, but Erik chose to die. Which would have been the better choice? I don’t know. It just brought home to me the dilemma we currently face as people. We are living with the consequences of things done in the past. How do we get a happy ending? Is a happy ending even possible? Or do we just settle for offering the choice of bondage, or death?
Excuse me while I go burst into tears.


The scene where the car explodes and Okoye goes bobsledding down the hill on the car bonnet and Nakea comes to a stop with just her car seat and steering wheel.

the guy who choreographed these car chases should get a prize and a permanent place in any car chase movie.